Posted by: Makakai | February 1, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

undeadhorseblack So I’m back to officially updating my blog. I’m aiming for twice a week updates; with a Tuesday/Wednesday “Elder Post” and a Friday/Saturday “Fireside Chat” post. The Elder posts will often be new updates to my class guides, dungeon guides or pieces like my Addon posts. My Chat posts are my chance to branch out and talk more about my favorite parts of the game.

My last fun post was almost 2 years ago. Wow the times they have changed. In this interval, the guild that motivated me to start my blog went extinct, I had a lot of life changes (job relocation, family, etc.), and the game itself has changed significantly. But the last couple of months I’ve settled into a new guild group, my life changes have settled down, and we’re at the end of an expac. It’s a perfect time to start back with my blog.

From my archives you can probably guess I like companion pet collecting, raiding, and pvp so expect quite a few posts about those topics. In fact, one of my favorite activities in game is raiding. I’m definitely not top end progression, but I am in a progression raid group with the most progressed horde guild on my server. That isn’t saying much compared to where most progression is in the game right now so if I do end up with a post on raiding it’s probably targeted as a reminder piece with some diagrams on my raid team’s strategy to a boss fight with a mix of humor and seriousness.

On that note I leave you with the humor of the one and only Doodlegnome: Kibble & Bit

Happy Healing!


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