Posted by: Makakai | February 8, 2014

Battling Travel

International air travel
So my Elder post for this week got hung up since I didn’t set a publish date within my dashboard for my blog. I claim travel fatigue from this past week. I live in the snow zone of the U.S. and travel during the winter will tire out even the most stalwart heroes…

Since I’ve spent part of this week on an airplane I’ll chat about Flying; well Flying Battle pets actually. Let’s start with the Battle pet basics. If you’ve not done any pet battling I recommend reading an introductory guide to get you started because there’s a lot more to it than just grabbing any old three battle pets and talking to a trainer. THE best resource for companion pets, Warcraft pets, has great resources and information about battle pets. One thing that seems to be a very basic concept that new folks starting out don’t always grok is the whole idea of Strong and Weak Attack/Defend bonuses. I actually leveled a team of 3 pets to 25 and was working through the tamer quests before I realized there was something I was not following correctly and I’m not the only player that has stumbled through this. There’s even a couple different infographic representations of this stuff folks!

Once you start the battle pet quests and start battling higher level tamers the Wowhead Dailies guide will give you a quick cheat sheet on recommended pets for the battle, location of tamer, and info about the pets that you’ll be battling. The bags you get from some of the tamers, or even a wild pet battle during the collection stage might drop a Battle-stone, to find out the best order of pets to use your stones on I recommend the guide to Battle-stones and you.

Now that you’re a Battle pet pro, you’re probably leveling the 30+ pets you need to take on the Celestial tournament right? If not here’s a great guide to Beating the Celestial Tournament. Based on this information you’ve been leveling your Amber Moth, Sandy Petrel, and Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, right? Don’t worry you didn’t need to use a Battle-stone on any of these fliers (just these fliers), so they were ready to go right out of the gate.

So I leave you with my favorite flying companion pet, mostly for it’s difficulty to acquire than it’s abilities or model: Hyacinth Macaw.

Happy Healing!


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