Posted by: Makakai | February 23, 2014

The Empty Vessel

inv_crate_07 “As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers.” Thanks to the early English authors William Baldwin and William Shakespeare the sounds of world of warcraft are my topic today, I’ll just blabber on about it for a bit…

Probably my favorite quote from the game is one that is not easily found on Wowhead, but you will hear it if you go through the quest chain. Morgor <Hero of the Warmaul> will yell “Mogor not impressed! Skra’gath wuz made of da air and shadow! Soft like da squishy orcies!” during The Ring of Blood quest chain. I have a rez macro on my healers that I don’t usually use that goes something like “Makakai is not impressed! %t wuz made of da air and shadow! Soft like da squishy orcies!” I used it some with all guild runs because they knew it’s reference, but in pugs it could cause some hurt feelings.

There are so many sound bites from World of Warcraft that make the game so meaningful to players, yet many turn off or don’t use sound in their regular game play. With sound on, it is quite possible to do many of the dungeons and raid activities based on sound effects (i.e., not requiring DBM). One of the most obvious was Ozruk’s “Break Yourself” from The Stonecore dungeon. This sound was critical to warning players that Elementium Bulwark is about to be cast so that players could apply a reflected dot to themselves and prevent Paralyze.

Most recently I’ve spent a lot of time in Garrosh’s Inner Sanctum listening to the beating of a heartbeat, namely Y’Shaarj. I can’t seem to find this sound file outside of the game, but it definitely gives you the creeps after a couple of hours of listening to it…

Today I leave you with the soundbite you’re probably thinking after this post, from YouTube.

Happy Healing!


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