Posted by: Makakai | September 7, 2014

Exploring the Beta: Warlords of Draenor

WoDScreenThanks to a contest on an awesome fan site (Thanks!) I won a Beta key to the new Warlords of Draenor Expansion testing. As a multi-healer I’m definitely taking the opportunity to explore and test the different components of this new expansion. Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting a comment post covering different features of the expansion as I encounter them.

Starting off, I’ve copied over my tauren druid (herbalism/alchemy and maxed secondary professions) and created a pre-made blood elf priest.  I’ll copy over additional characters and create additional pre-mades as the testing continues to explore different features in more depth as needed.

The first testing I did was to explore leveling as a healer on the priest. The pre-made priest ‘K’ I spec’d discipline/shadow. I leveled about 33% from 90 to 91 and much of the content was easily completed as discipline, even the quest ‘bosses’. There is some phasing and the garrison is very buggy still so an extensive look will have to wait until the next update.

The second feature I did some exploration of is the profession content. The pre-made character is herbalism/alchemy for garrison leveling purposes, so I was limited on my primary professions. I recommend following a profession specific blog/site for additional detail, but the biggest surprise was how dependent the initial level of alchemy is on fishing.

Stay tuned for more from the first zone which I’ve dubbed the land of ‘Frost and Fire’ as much of it is froze with areas of lava around the garrison.


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