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Bloodmaul Slag Mines Healing 101


This first post of my Warlords of Draenor Healing 101 WoW dungeon guides will cover the starter dungeon that will be the first dungeon when you visit the new ‘Outlands’. Bloodmaul Slag Mines is a 5-man dungeon located in Frostfire Ridge and has a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are four bosses in this dungeon with some optional ordering. There are a few mechanical differences between Normal and Heroic modes that will be called out for each fight in the guide below. One difference in this guide from previous guides is that the gear called out after each boss are limited to pieces of particular note from among all of the drops in this dungeon.

There are three achievements to complete in this Heroic dungeon that count toward the meta-Achievement: Come With Me If You Want to LiveIs Draenor on Fire?A Gift of Earth and Fire.

The initial trash packs should be pulled quickly but carefully as the patrols move very quickly and can easily escalate a fight.

Slave Watcher Crushto
Slave Watcher Crushto is the first boss if you go right from the entrance. Stay behind the boss to avoid Earth Crush. If the dps don’t get the interrupts successfully on Ferocious Yell then you will need to do some catch-up healing. Move out of the way of Crushing Leap. Slow dps moving out of Crushing Leap will need extra heals from the additional damage from the Captured Miner(s). Crushto occasionally adds Captured Miners to the fight. The Hostile miners introduce a dot to a random player, so watch your dps for low health. The friendly miners add dps, so turn on your friendly health bars so you can add some extra healing their way.

Quick Tactics: Stay stacked behind the boss. As long as interrupts happen for Ferocious Yell, dispels are timely for the Miner’s dot, and the adds are killed, this fight is pretty straightforward.

Crushto’s Runic Alarm – +Int/Crit Trinket
Lightbinder Leggings and Frost-Touch Wristwraps – +Crit/Mastery Cloth
Leggings of Swirling Light – +Mastery/Multi Cloth
Crystalbinder Legwraps – +Haste/Mastery Leather
Bloodfeather Leggings and Leafmender Wraps – +Mulit/Crit Leather
Streamslither Bracers – +Crit/Multistrike Mail
Goldsteel Legplates – +Crit/Mastery Plate

Forgemaster Gog’duh (Magmolatus)
Forgemaster Gog’duh is the first boss on the left from the entrance. This is a two phase fight with different ‘bosses’ and sets of adds in each phase. The first phase starts with Forgemaster Gog’duh, Calamity, & Ruination. Gog’duh’s main ability is Magma Barrage, which can be interrupted. Don’t stand in the AoE Rough Smash or Shatter Earth cast by Ruination. Dispel Dancing Flames. The second phase introduces Magmolatus and his Molten Elemental adds. The add cannot be tanked, but they are immobile so don’t stand near them. Don’t stand in the AoE Slag Smash cast by Magmolatus or Gog’duh’s Volcanic Tantrum. Dispel Withering Flames and Choking Ashes.

Quick Tactics: Two phase fight with different adds. Don’t stand in the AoE damage and dispel all the things. If the dps are on top of the interrupts then additional damage should be minimal.

Chestguard of Burning Focus – +Crit/Multistrike Leather
Bloodfeather Grips and Crystalbinder Chestguard – +Haste/Mastery Leather
Morningscale Chestguard and Rockhide Gloves – +Crit/Mastery Mail

Roltall is a elemental that is standing at the end of the bridge and must be defeated to get the final boss. Roltall summons a series of Fiery Boulders that roll down the bridge, damaging everyone in their path. A circle will appear where the boulder will start, indicating it’s path with plenty of warning to move out the way. After the Fiery Boulders, he calls a Heat Wave to damage all players and push them down the bridge. Use your healing cooldowns and instant cast spells to keep everyone up during this point of the fight. Move out of Burning Slage that ignites the bridge for the remainder of the fight.

Heroic: On heroic the Fiery Boulders return back up the bridge in the order they went down the bridge. The key to this fight is to remember the order of the set of three boulders (e.g., left, middle, right) and move out of the way in the reverse order for their return path (e.g., right, middle, left).

Quick Tactics: This is primarly a don’t stand in it fight. You’ll need to use some cooldowns and instant cast heals for Heat Wave.

Drape of Iron Sutures – +Crit/Spirit Cloak
Mistwoven Windcloak – +Multi/Spirit Cloak
Cloak of Mending Magics – +Haste/Spirit Cloak
Roltall’s Brutal Crescent – 1-Hand Axe +Mastery/Multi
Sandals of Arcane Mystery – +Crit/Mastery Cloth
Blackwater Boots – +Haste/Mastery Leather
Morningscale Treads – +Crit/Mastery Mail

The final boss in Bloodmaul Slag Mines. Don’t stand in Magma Eruption, which appear as small magma pools under everyone’s feet. If the dps aren’t interrupting his Molten Blast and he reaches 3 stacks of Molten Core, you will need to use extra healing cooldowns for Molten Barrage. If the Unstable Slag reach the kiln, use extra healing cooldowns for Empowered Flames. On Heroic he introduces a new ability Flame Buffet, which increases fire damage taken, dispel quickly.

An easy strategy for this boss is to stack the melee on the tank and the ranged together and move in a coordinated arc across the room, dropping the Magma Eruption and still standing in range of the Unstable Slag adds.

Quick Tactics: If your dps are good with the interrupts and killing the adds, then most of the fight should involve not standing in Magma pools and dispelling Flame debuff.

Band of Growing Leaves – +Crit/Spirit Ring
Seal of Vindication – +Haste/Spirit Ring
Felflame Spaulders and Hood of Arcane Mystery – +Crit/Mastery Cloth
Spaulders of Burning Focus – +Haste/Mastery Leather
Sharpeye Gleam Helm and Morningscale Spaulders – +Crit/Mastery Mail
Gutcrusher Shoulderplates – +Crit/Multistrike Plate


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