Posted by: Makakai | January 12, 2015

Auchindoun Healing 101

loadscreen_auchindoun_wodThis next Warlords of Draenor Healing 101 WoW dungeon guide covers the level 95-97 dungeon while leveling. Auchindoun is located in the center of Talador and has both a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are four bosses in this dungeon but minimal trash packs. There are a few mechanical differences between Normal and Heroic modes that will be called out for each fight in the guide below. One difference in my Draenor guides from previous guides is that the gear called out after each boss are limited to pieces of particular note from among all of the drops in this dungeon.

There is only one achievement to complete in this Heroic dungeon that counts toward the meta-Achievement: …They All Fall Down. However, players working on the legendary ring quest-line should remember to pick up their Corrupted Blood of Teron’gor.

Vigilant Kaathar
Vigilant Kaathar is primarly a ‘don’t stand in it’ fight as he casts several targeted abilities that effect the outgoing damage. The first is Hallowed Ground, which starts as a large golden area of effect that gradually shrinks to a small point and will only be triggered if a player stands in it. Secondly, he creates fissures directing outward from a central point toward a ranged party member called Sanctified Ground, which is a pretty obvious ‘don’t stand in it’ ability. Finally, throughout the fight, Kaathar will also cast Consecrated Light, which deals very heavy party-wide damage that you will need to line-of-sight by standing behind the Holy Shield that he targeted a party member with. Be careful standing too close to the outside of the room, the Holy Shield will land on you and could be too close to the barrier to allow the party to move behind it.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in Hallowed Ground or Sanctified Strike fissures. Hide behind the Shield when he starts channeling.

Band of Growing Leaves – +Crit/Spirit Ring
Seal of Vindication – +Haste/Spirit Ring
Signet of Crashing Waves – +Multi/Spirit Ring
Frost-Touched Cord – +Crit/Mastery Cloth Belt
Bloodfeather Girdle – +Haste/Mastery Leather Belt
Sharpeye Belt – +Crit/Mastery Mail Belt
Rivet-Sealed Waistplate – +Crit/Multi Plate Belt

Soulbinder Nyami
Soulbinder Nyami is all about add control. She frequently summons adds with abilities similar to the trash packs leading up to her fight. There will be heavy party-wide damage if interrupts aren’t timely, but if you have a competent tank and/or a dps in the party with good interrupts there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Throughout this fight she will also periodically cast Radiant Fury, which can be avoided by standing in Soul Vessel which looks like a purple swirl. If you are having trouble keeping up with the healing, dispel the Shadow Word: Pain debuff she will occasionally cast on a party member.

Heroic: Dispel Crusader Strike from the tank as often as possible.

Quick Tactics: Dispel debuffs as needed. Stand in the safety of Soul Vessel.

Wavesurge Choker – +Crit/Spirit Neck
Healing Leaf Necklace – +Haste/Spirit Neck
Pendant of Purifying Mists – +Multi/Spirit Neck
Chestguard of Burning Focus – +Multi/Crit Leather Chest
Crystalbinder Chestguard – +Haste/Mastery Leather Chest
Morningscale Chestguard – +Crit/Mastery Mail Chest

Notable Trash: There are several trash packs of various demons leading up to Azzakel. These are particularly difficult trash pulls and can one-shot a dps that pulls aggro. Have your cooldowns on hand here particularly with packs containing Blazing Tricksters and Cackling Pyromaniacs.

Azzakel is a two-phase repeating fight. The first phase, is a straight-forward kill-the-boss fight. During this phase, the party should remain spread out at least 5 yards from other players to avoid spreading Curtain of Flame. In the second phase, Azzakel is now immune to damage while he summons a group of adds. Avoid the Blazing Tricksters and assist with interrups, stuns, and crowd-control where possible. Don’t stand in the Fel Pools.

Heroic: Azzakel’s Fel Pools will now radiate lines of yellow-green flame. Avoid moving through these lines as they will deal heavy damage.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand near a player with Curtain of Flame and don’t stand in Fel Pools.

Frost-Touched Wristwraps – +Crit/Mastery Cloth Bracers
Leafmender Wraps – +Crit/Multi Leather Bracers
Bloodfeather Grips – +Haste/Mastery Leather Gloves
Rockhide Gloves – +Crit/Mastery Mail Gloves

Notable Trash: Shaadum does a wirlwind that will often catch melee standing in it. So have a cooldown ready for your melee. Gul’kosh will apply a dot, Unstable Aflliction, on party members. Don’t dispel this dot.

Teron’gor is a straight-forward fight until he reaches 75% of his health. At this point he drains the soul of a nearby ghost and gains the abilities of one of the warlock specs. Fortunately, he will emote the name of the ghost he will be taking the aspect of: Iruun (Demonology), Joraa (Destruction), or Elum (Affliction). Move out of Rain of Fire, Demonic Leap (if Demonology aspect), and Chaos Wave (if Demonolgy aspect). Dispel the various curses and diseases as you are able, just don’t dispel Unstable Affliction as it will detonate and silence you. You may need to focus healing on the player affected by Seed of Malevolence (if Affliction aspect).

Heroic: Teron’gor will also have Summon Abyssal. The Abyssal will Fixate on a random target and chase them for 12 seconds before switching to a new target. They have too much health so they must just be kited the entire fight. They are susceptible to snares, knockbacks, roots, and stuns. Druid healers, just keep them rooted the entire fight to save your party and your sanity.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in the bad stuff, and dispel as you are able, just not Unstable Affliction.

Drape of Iron Sutures – +Crit/Spirit Cloak
Mistwoven Windcloak – +Multi/Spirit Cloak
Cloak of Mending Magics – +Haste/Spirit Cloak
Sandals of Arcane Mystery – +Crit/Mastery Cloth Feet
Bloodfeather Leggings – +Crit/Multi Leather Legs
Crystalbinder Legwraps and Blackwater Boots – +Haste/Mastery Leather Legs & Feet
Morningscale Treads – +Crit/Mastery Mail Feet
Goldsteel Legplates – +Crit/Multi Plate Legs


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