Posted by: Makakai | July 26, 2016

The Everbloom Healing 101

EverbloomThis next Warlords of Draenor Healing 101 WoW dungeon guide covers the first of our set of level 100 dungeons. The Everbloom is located in northern Gorgrond and has both a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are four bosses and one optional boss in this dungeon with a significant number of trash packs. There are a few mechanical differences between Normal and Heroic modes that will be called out for each fight in the guide below. One difference in my Draenor guides from previous guides is that the gear called out after each boss are limited to pieces of particular note from among all of the drops in this dungeon.

There are two achievements to complete in this Heroic dungeon that count toward the meta-Achievement: Water Management and Weed Whacker. Players working on their legendary ring will want to kill the extra trash to pick up the Core of Life.

The first boss, after you make the jump up the hill and over to his spot is Witherbark. Witherbark cycles between two phases, one with ground effect damange and the second with adds. During the first phase, the primary ability to watch out for is Unchecked Growth. Kite the vines away from the water and toward the back hill, then step out of the vine puddle once it explodes. The tank will be taking extra damage from his cone attack, Parched Gasp, and may need extra healing during this phase. You will begin Phase 2 once his energy bar reaches 0 energy. During Phase 2, Witherbark will take extra damage so a dot or other occasional damage spell is particularly useful here. Secondly, he will be summoning Aqueous Globules from the water that should be killed before they reach a pool of Unchecked Growth. The entire party will be taking AoE damage each time an Aqueous Globule is killed so cooldowns may be needed. This phase ends and you are returned to Phase 1 once his energy bar reaches 100%.

Heroic: During the entire fight, the water will target players with Agitated Water, a whirlpool effect will appear under you that you should move out of.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in Unchecked Growth (and Agitated Water if in heroic). Use cooldowns if needed during Phase 2.

Back or Hands may be available for healers, so watch for your preferred stats.

Ancient Protectors
Next up are the Ancient Protectors after you’ve maneuvered another jumping puzzle. This fight consists of a set of three bosses, Life Warden Gola, Dulhu, and Earthshaper Telu. The kill order will be Gola, Telu, then Dulhu to avoid excessive outgoing damage. Since the early part of the encounter when all three bosses are alive is the most healing-intensive, user your cooldowns as soon as it looks problematic. The main ability to watch out for is when Dhulu performs Rending Charge and the targeted player(s) will take DoT damage. Finally, move out of Earthshaper Telu’s Bramble Patch quickly. Shamans and Palidans should use their interrups on Telu’s Bramble Patch if possible. Priests should use their dispel on the boss to help remove Rapid Tides or Briarskin.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in Bramble Patch, dispel and interrupt if able to, and use cooldowns early as needed.

Leaf of the Ancient Protectors – +Spirit/Versitilty Trinket
Interloper’s Mossy Skull – +Haste/Mastery Off-Hand
Legs and Belts may be available for healers so watch for your preferred stats.

Archmage Sol
Archmage Sol may be next unless your party chooses to visit the spider den. Archmage Sol uses key abilities representative of the three mage specializations, Fire, Frost, and Arcane. The tank and dps should be carefully choosing when to interrupt Parasitc Growth to determine when she moves to the next specialization. Sol will start with Fire specialization in which she will summon Fireblooms (yes, they look just like the herb) that will then explode in expanding rings of flames. These expanding rings should just be jumped over to avoid taking damage from them. Next, in Frost specialization, Sol will target and area with Frozen Rain, that you and your party will need to move out of. In Arcane specialization, Sol will cast Arcane Blossom, causing a heavy damage Area of Effect hitting the entire party. If your group is not controlling the casts of Parasitic Growth you will need to use cooldowns for this specialization, so save them for the end as needed.

Heroic: In Heroic, the abilities persist from one specialization to the next. Secondly, each time Parasitic Growth is interrupted Spore Images will be summoned that may cast Fireballs, which should be dispelled if over 2 stacks on a player.

Quick Tactics: Jump over fire rings, move out of Frozen Rain, and use cooldowns toward the end if needed.

Helms and Wrists may be available for healers so watch for your preferred stats.

This encounter begins as soon as the party passes through the portal so keep up with the group. The main damaging ability is Colossal Blow, which is a cone attack targeted at a player that also does moderate party-wide damage. Move out of the cone portion of the ability to avoid the damage and stun. The targeted player of the Swift Sproutling adds will gain a stacking bleed and will probably need healing cooldowns. Finally, Yalnu will cast Genesis in which he summons Feral Lashers on the ground. Speed buffs are useful to quickly move over the flower sprouts to prevent them from spawning additional adds..

Heroic: Yalnu will occasionally target players with Entanglement, and the affected player will need to be broken out quickly by the dps. The player will take heavy damage while Engagled so extra healing will be needed.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in Colossal Blow and run over the flowers.

Hoof of Yalnu – +Mastery/Versatility Mace
Rings, Necks, and Shoulders may be available for healers so watch for your preferred stats.

Xeri’tac (Optional)
Xeri’tac is the optional spider boss in the cave after the Ancient Protectors fight. Xeri’tac’s fight begins with sets of trash packs, that should be killed in order of Gorged Bursters, Toxic Spiderlings, then Venom Sprayers. The tank should be taking the majority of the damage during this phase so conserve mana for the boss fight itself. Once Xeri’tac fully descends and lands, the trash packs will continue to spawn, but the priority turns to killing or crowd-controlling the Venom-Crazed Pale Ones as she will attempt to devour them for healing. Again the tank will be taking the majority of the damage, but poison effects are a slow ticking time-bomb, so dispel Venomous Sting if you can.

Quick Tactics: Drag adds to the tank, dispel if possible.

Dessicated Husk Shield – +Haste/Multi Shield
Chest and Boots may be available for healers so watch for your preferred stats.


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