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Upper Blackrock Spire Healing 101

Upper_Blackrock_Spire_loading_screenThis next Warlords of Draenor Healing 101 WoW dungeon guide covers the first level 100 dungeon. Upper Blackrock Spire is located in Blackrock Mountain in Burning Steppes (Eastern Kingdoms) and has both a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are five bosses in this dungeon with some complex trash packs and routes. There are a few mechanical differences between Normal and Heroic modes that will be called out for each fight in the guide below. One difference in my Draenor guides from previous guides is that the gear called out after each boss are limited to pieces of particular note from among all of the drops in this dungeon.

There are four achievements to complete in this Heroic dungeon that count toward the meta-Achievement. The first three include:
Bridge Over Troubled Fire, Magnets, How Do They Work?, and Dragonmaw? More Like Dragonfall!. This instance is of particular note due to it’s relevance to Leroy Jenkins fans; in fact, you can pick up the Jenkins title here by completing Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy…? (also needed for the meta-Achievement).

Notable Trash:
The entrance of this instance begins by taking out the trash packs located in the alcoves around the room, each containing a rune that must be deactivated. The runes are deactivated by killing trash, so none of these packs can be skipped. The trash packs can consist of a combination of the following: Black Iron Grunt, Black Iron Berserker, Black Iron Leadbelcher, and Ragemaw Worgs. Kill order should be Leadbelchers > Warcasters > Grunts > Berserkers & Worgs. Leadbelchers will activate the cannons outside of the alcoves, which can lay down some heavy AoE if not taken out first.

Orebender Gor’ashan
Gor’ashan is located up on top of a platform surrounded by Rune Conduits. Deactivate the Rune Conduits to start the boss fight.  Players should stack on the platform or the ramp leading up to the boss to avoid Lodestone Spike. Throughout the fight Gor’ashan will randomly activate the Rune Conduits to empower himself and lightning. One of the DPS should jump down from the platform, avoid the Electrical AoE and click on the Rune Conduits to deactivate them. The Electrical Pulse AoE moves very quickly and can easily be a one shot on low geared players if they move slowly or don’t get out of the pulse. Healers should be ready to use cooldowns and extra heals on the Conduit player.

Quick Tactics: Stand on the platform with the group and adjust your position to keep your Conduit deactivator topped off.

Boots for Shaman and Druids and your Cloaks drop here.

Kyrak is the main boss and is accompanied by two Drakonid Monstrosities. The two Monstrosities should be killed first and then on to the boss. Throughout the fight Kyrak will target players with Vileblood Serum; move out of these pools. He will target a random player with Dibilitating Fixation which should be interrupted by your dps and tank. At 50% health he will begin using Rejuvenating Serum to heal himself. Priests and Shaman should be using offensive dispels when possible. The damage in this fight is front loaded so use more cooldowns at the beginning and add in dps as the damage tapers off.

Heroic: Kyrak also targets a random player with Salve of Toxic Fumes, move away from your party members. It is a poison effect and can be removed.

Quick Tactics: Use cooldowns early as needed and don’t stand in poison.

Finkle’s Flenser – +Crit/Mastery Dagger
Paladins, Shamans, and Druids will find some Nice Shoulders and of course your Rings drop here.

Lanticore (Heroic Only Rare Boss)
This rare boss is only available in Heroic Mode and would be located near Kyrak in the old Rookery when he’s present. Drops the Lanticore Spawnling pet if you see him. The tactics suggest that you can just heal the tank through the melee damage.

Commander Tharbek
The Commander Tharbek encounter starts right after a trash gauntlet. The trash gauntlet consists of three waves that begin right after approaching the gate at the far end of the room. Each wave consists of various combinations of Leadbelchers, Summoners, Dreadweavers, Engineers, Berserkers & Worgs and all of the waves will be accompanied by Vilemaw Hatchinglings that fly around and spit poison at everyone. The ranged DPS should be handling the Hatchlings and concentrating on the Summoners and Leadbelchers, interrupting as many abilities as possible.

Once the trash waves are cleared, Commander Tharbek makes his appearance riding his Ironbarb Skyreaver. Commander Tharbek is primarly a single phase fight with lots of extraneous damage and a charge ability called Iron Reaver. When Commander Tharbek reaches approximately 50% health, an old friend, Awbee will join the fight. Awbee doesn’t do a lot of damage but can add that last little bit to get him down. Throughout the fight you’ll want to avoid the Imbued Iron Axes (spinning around the room), Noxious Spit puddles, and Incinerating Breath.

Heroic: On Heroic difficulty, Commander Tharbek will dismount from his Skyreaver at around 50%, and you’ll need the extra cooldowns to bring down the skyreaver as well.

Quick Tactics: Avoid standing in any of the extraneous damage and keep heals rolling on your tank and the Iron Reaver target.

Tharbek’s Lucky Pebble – Spirit + Mastery (Use) Trinket
Gloves for Priests and Paladins and Chest for Druid, Monk and Shaman can be found here.

Son of the Beast (Optional Boss)
Son of the Beast is a reference to the old instance boss The Beast. He does Fiery Charge which if you encountered his father, you’ll remember the knockback. This is accompanied by Fiery Trail that is left behind in his path. Additionally, he will use Terrifying Roar to disrupt the melee pile.

Ragewing the Untamed
Ragewing the Untamed appears from below as your party steps onto the bridge toward the Spire Throne. His fight is basically composed of two phases. During the first phase, Ragewing will target ranged DPS and healers with Magma Spit that you’ll need to place strategically as it will remain on the ground fro a period of time. This is important because Ragewing will also sweep Engulfing Fire from one of the bridge to the other. The flames will disorient and deal heavy damage to any player caught in the path. Players should run to one or the other end of the bridge away from his starting point to avoid the flames (e.g., if Ragewing faces the far end of the bridge, you’ll want to stay near the Furnace end of the bridge). At 70% and again at 40% health, Ragewing will fly above the bridge for phase 2. During phase 2, Ragewing will target the bridge with Fire Storm and Ragewing Whelps will attack the party. After the 40% health phase, Ragewing will land on the bridge and gains Burning Rage. This is an enrage effect and can be soothed or dispelled.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in fire. Hug your tank during phase 2 to keep the whelps off you.

Neck pieces and Legs for Priests, Paladins, and Druids can be found here.

Warlord Zaela
Zaela, the final boss of the encounter requires strategic placement and burst dps. The first ability to watch for from Zaela is Black Iron Cyclone, a whirlwind fixate. You should kite her away from the party when targeted. At 60% health, she flies away on her drake and Black Iron Wyrm Riders land on the platform. They can cast Chain Pull which will yank you into the melee pile.  Throughout this phase, Emberscale Ironflight drakes will hover at the outskirts of the platform and cast Burning Breath. Burning Breath will cover the third of the platform that the drake is facing. You can watch the drakes as they swoop down to predict which area to avoid. After about 40 seconds, Zaela will return to the platform and resume the first phase. The Emberscale drakes will continue targeting the platform for the rest of the encounter.

Quick Tactics: Stand toward the center of the platform to be able to avoid the Burning Breath. Avoid the whirlwind fixate damage.

Waist for Priest, Druid, and Shaman, and Wrist for Monk and Paladin, and Helm for Paladin can be found here.


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