Posted by: Makakai | August 31, 2016

Healing WoW: Broken Leveling

Welcome to my first “newsy” post for Legion, aka a “Healing WoW” post. By now you should have broken into the Broken Isles questing. I’ve started off with my druid and am well into questing in my third zone. However, I do have quite the bevy of alts waiting in the wings thanks to the Invasions this past week. In fact, I even leveled a baby mage up to 60 for my “boost” toon on one of my accounts (yes, I have 2) so that I could jump start her professions.

Based on my Beta exploration and testing, I decided to start out my primary character in Highmountain, for a couple of reasons: 1) I felt that the leveling was more concentrated in pockets than some of the other zones and 2) to avoid the big crush of Aszara as a “starting” zone, and 3) my druid is a tauren and I had to give her a little tauren love.

I leave you to enjoy your leveling with a lovely screenshot from a “hidden” treasure atop a hill in Azsuna:

Screenshot of Azsuna from mountaintop.

Happy Healing!


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