Posted by: Makakai | September 27, 2016

The Stuff of Nightmares: Emerald Nightmare Healing Quick Guide

524301-emeralddreamwayWith the opening of the first wing of LFR and having experienced the fights on Normal, I thought I’d actually post my Quick Tactics that were so useful to my success with the fights.

In this Quick Guide I’ll share my quick tactics from a restoration druid perspective for each of the 7 bosses. I’ll include any hints from the other healing perspectives if they are particularly useful to that fight. Keep in mind to always follow Rule #1 of Raiding: Don’t Stand In It. I won’t call out all of the things to not stand in unless it’s something to really watch for amongst all of the other stuff on the ground.

Notable Trash before Nythendra: Pull each of the five Gelatinized Decay oozes that patrol around Nythendra individually. If an interrupt is missed on the Wave of Decay you’ll want to have lots of AoE and possibly cooldowns ready.

In using the quadrant strategy, spread loosely in the starting quadrant and be ready to run out if targeted with Rot. Keep an eye on the tanks and melee for stray Infested Ground patches. When she goes to cast Infested Breath, move over to the other quadrant. After every second breath, move into the ‘clear’ zone and watch for the Corrupted Vermin to stay out of their AoE zone.

Notable Trash before Ursoc: You’ll need healing cooldowns if the Corrupted Totems aren’t killed quickly.

Save large healing cooldowns for later in the fight and don’t be afraid to use your tank mitigation cooldowns (e.g., Ironbark). Tank healing will be really heavy as the fight progresses. Run out of the group when the target of Focused Gaze. Switch places with the other group after the Momentum is soaked.

Notable Trash  before Il’gynoth: Don’t step in the purple fog. Run out of devastating stomp from the Ancients. Stand away from Bo’lan and heal the active tank.

Dispel Touch of Corruption if your compatriots are the targets of the Nightmare Ichors. Move away from the group if the target of Spew Corruption. Once the Nightmare Ichors are ready to be pulled in run toward the Eye of Il’gynoth. You’ll want to use personal cooldowns while in the clump due to the Nightmare Explosion and Touch of Corruption damage. Watch out for Ground Slam from the Dominator Tentacles. Spread out to try to avoid hitting other raid members with the Eye of Fate. A priest’s mass dispel comes in really handy when the Nightmare Ichors are pulled next to the Eye of Il’gynoth.

Notable Trash before Renferal: Kill the Screeching add 1st. Stand away from the Spider miniboss. Tanks will need extra healing with the Roc miniboss.

Elerethe Renferal
Spot healing will be needed on the members connected by Web of Pain. Use healing cooldowns on the tank on add duty during Vile Ambush. Get as far away from the damage circle for Vile Ambush. Run out of the group to drop necrotic venom (use baby steps to spread them out in a tight area). Try to run over the Necrotic venom pools if the target of twisting shadows. Put your back to a wall during Gathering Shadows and use a healing cooldown if possible. Pick up a feather and aim for spiders on the next platform (it’s a shorter flight than expected). Avoid the tornadoes.

Notable Trash before Dragons: Dispel poison stacks. Spread out and way from the damage. Don’t stand in anything.

Dragons of Nightmare
Ysondre: Don’t stand near blast. Dispel the vines targets.
Emeriss: Interrupt rotation or AoE healing needed. Move out of the group if the target of infection.
Lethon: Spread 10 yrds for projectiles. Help kill Shades if possible.
Taerar: Don’t stand in the sleep fog. Use tank cooldowns.

Notable Trash before Cenarius: Move out of darkfall. Stack on the Burst target.

Kite the Nitemare Brambles if you are the target of the brambles. Move with the group to stand near the target for the Cleansing by Malfurion. Stack with melee to share the damage from Desiccating Stomp by the Ancient Nightmare. A tank healing cooldown rotation will help mitigate the Spear of Nightmares damage and hence the size of the Nightmares pool.

Notable Trash before Xavius: Don’t stand in Crushing Darnkness. Spread out for Hateful Rebuke missiles. Extra healing will be needed for Nightmare Bolt targets.

Manage your corruption by avoiding the adds, kiting the Lurking Eruptions, avoid the Nightmare blades, and try to limit the Corruption Meteors you soak. Use tank healing cooldowns if needed on the active tank for Darkening Soul. Don’t be afraid to use cooldowns while in the Dream and then once you come out.  Soak Discharge pools if needed. Run together with Bonds of Terror. Manage the dispels of Blackening Soul on the tank. Remember you only have 4 dispels before you reach 100 Corruption while in the Dream. Help kill the Nightmare Tentacles.


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