To Whom it May Concern: The Process of Guide Writing

Hand with pen writing the words 40 Really Awful Writing PromptsWhile my healing 101 guides prove to be almost if not more popular than my VuhDo Guide(s), the process of writing even basic guides even when there is a lot of material already available is a time consuming process. To pull together one of my dungeon 101 guides, I read the guides produced by various sources such as MMO Champion, Wowhead, healing bloggers, and my notes from my runs in the dungeon. With this information, I open up a draft blog post and outline the dungeon to make sure I capture all of the achievements, boss fights, notable trash and important facts. Then I fill in the prose with information about the abilities and the fights. Next, comes the tedious process of adding in all of the links for the abilities and gear. All told a single Healing 101 guide can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to put together. Not a long process as a writer, but a long time compared to a basic blog post such as this one or the ones I write personally or professionally. I write this post today to let my readers know that though there may be delays in my blog guides and updates, often it is because I’m pulling together multiple sources of information in between real-life events and it’s never a quick or easy process.

I have many ideas for different types of posts and guides, often generated from my own experiences, everything from my post on tabards back in Cataclysm to my most recent post on Emerald Nightmare. So, stay tuned and you might just find something useful and relevant (when I manage to gather all of the info in between real-life events)…

Happy Healing!


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