Healing the Video Gulf

play-youtube-on-tvI begin today with a different take on video based information in WoW, like you know internet TV. What’s internet TV you ask? Isn’t that the thing that has shows like “Lost” and “Burn Notice”? Why would anyone want to watch stuff about a dungeon group running in circles in wailing caverns or a raid leader reaming his raid about standing in the fire? NO! That’s not what those shows are about… I mean, video guides and twitch streamers.

A main tank I raid with was calling out high end raiders that do video streaming of their game play as examples to follow to improve our game play. As a long time player of WoW, I grew-up in the pre-internet days when music was on cassette tapes and cell phones were the size of cement bricks. So, it may come as no surprise that I don’t find video guides or streaming content as useful for me to learn content. I prefer written guides and information databases like you find on wowhead.com. That was one of the main reasons I started writing the healing 101 guides was to provide healing focused information so that you didn’t have to watch all the way through a 5 minute video just to get the high-level gist of the dungeon.

Blizzard recognizes that video resources are a very popular media with the current player base, just see this update: http://blizzard.gamespress.com/BLIZZARD-ENTERTAINMENT-AND-FACEBOOK-TEAM-UP I wonder though how many other players there are like myself who don’t follow streamers and frankly hate when it’s suggested I watch a video guide for a raid boss fight? I know there are a lot of players that find video content useful and enjoyable; it’s nice that blizzard and the community include that content. In fact, I do enjoy watching some of the eSports content such as the arena matches. But what happens when that content is the only resource you have available to you for learning the nuances of your class or learning about a boss fight?

I hope the community continues to recognize that both types of content is useful and enjoyable. As for those players that like to refer to a written account of fights and or the nuances of their healing class, watch this space.

Happy Healing!


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