Rebirth: Battle Resurrection of Greenbarspec

With just weeks and counting till the Battle for Azeroth expansion I’ve been doing a lot of updating and info searching. It’s come to my attention that I have sorely neglected my blog while life took over. My schedule is still crazy with work, family, etc but I’m at a stable place where a weekly blog post shouldn’t interfere. My blog from this point might take a little more of a change in focus direction. First, there are still great resources out there for the advanced healer to focus in on their class but not much for the entry level healer. Secondly, a lot of what has motivated me lately to get back into the blog business has been the recent onslaught of UI updates and Addons that have been a real fail bomb. Just look at how well the updates to Communities have worked for Blizzard with patch 8.0. In fact, because of this growing interest/frustration on my part, you may notice some very minor updates to some of my UI/Addon posts and pages already trickling in. I love healing in games and I love User Experience and Human Factors/Ergonomics so more of my posts will be discussing the successes and failures of healing and UI design.

Happy Healing!

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