Green Bar Spec is a blog I’ve created to put my musings, ideas, and general thoughts on the trials and tribulations of mana users in World of Warcraft.

I have a Restoration/Balance Druid U (100), Discipline/PvP Priest A (100), Restoration/Elemental Shaman H (96), Elemental/Restoration Shaman E (90), Holy/Protection Paladin O (92), Holy/Retribution Paladin I (93), Mistweaver/Windwalker A (90) all on Horde-side and a Restoration/Balance Druid M (90) on the Alliance-side in the Cyclone battlegroup. I also have various alts of various non-healing classes, including a death knight (90), a hunter (87), a warlock(90), and a goblin mage (90).

I’ve posted on my blogging beginnings with Autoblography: A Shared Topic and try to keep a regular schedule of 2-3 posts a week. You can drop me a line at greenbarspec at gmail dot com.

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