Dungeon Guides

I’ve compiled a linked list of my Healing 101 Dungeon Guides since they are such a popular part of this blog. Each of the dungeon guides provide a boss by boss rundown with any notable trash to watch out for as a healer (there is always that one nasty trash mob that will take you completely by surprise). Each boss and/or dungeon includes links to the healing gear that they drop, Most of these guide’s strategies are from the perspective of a druid healer, but if there is anything notable that might be more difficult or easier for another healing class it’s noted in the guide.

Updating for Warlords of Draenor is nearly complete! I’ve found that these guides are so popular (still) that I decided to go back and review the dungeons for Warlords. Since my main character this expansion is back to my druid, I’ve provided info from that perspective. The new guides are also much more succinct to get the quick snapshot of the dungeon at a glance.

Cataclysm Tier 11
Blackrock Caverns Healing 101
Vortex Pinnacle Healing 101
Throne of the Tides Healing 101
Stonecore Healing 101
Deadmines Healing 101
Shadowfang Keep Healing 101
Grim Batol Healing 101
Lost City of the Tol’vir Healing 101
Halls of Origination Healing 101

Cataclysm Tier 11.5
Zul’Aman Healing 101
Zul’Gurub Healing 101

Cataclysm Tier 12
End Time Healing 101
Well of Eternity Healing 101
Hour of Twilight Healing 101

Temple of the Jade Serpent Healing 101
Stormstout Brewery Healing 101
Shado-Pan Monastery Healing 101
Mogu’Shan Palace Healing 101
Siege of Niuzao Temple Healing 101
Gate of the Setting Sun Healing 101

Bloodmaul Slag Mines Healing 101
Iron Docks Healing 101
Auchindoun Healing 101
Skyreach Healing 101
Everbloom Healing 101
Upper Blackrock Spire Healing 101
Grimrail Depot Healing 101
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Healing 101

Eye of Azshara Healing 101
Halls of Valor Healing 101 (coming soon)

Special Edition Quick Guide: Emerald Nightmare

Happy Healing!


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